Gaiam Americas - Gaiam signed my 4 movies to a distribution deal and hid them from the public!!


Gaiam signed my 4 movies to an exclusive distribution deal and lied to me about the great exposure my movies would receive. The company wasted 3 years of my career and the life of 4 wonderful movies - which are being remade and renamed. They intentionally suppressed my 4 movies for the past 3 years and have a staff of lawyers ready to pounce if you complain. Their contract was called, "The worst one sided deal ever written" by most of the lawyers who have seen it. I made a huge mistake trusting their phony facade of peace and spirituality!

I was contracted for 10 years of presence on gaiamtv, yet my 4 movies have been hidden ALL year on gaiamtv. They knew it because I posted a complaint on the BBB in Aprily 2013, yet they chose to ignore me and keep my movies hidden intentionally.

This is an exclusive distributor? I think their title is actually Exclusive Suppressor! They are extremely disrespectful and very cunning. This was clearly the worst business decision I've ever made!

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Louisville, Colorado, United States #894305

They did it to my 4 movies too!!What could be more important to them than making money on our movies???

I have been hacked for the entire time of working with them.Something smells like fish there for sure!!


What the heck is GiamTV?Are they like a self publishing gig?

Anyway, if you made 4 movies you clearly are dedicated and more productive than I.Best of luck to you and I hope you find a resolution to your problem.

Gaiam Americas - Mr

Not resolved

Hi I have £6.67 taken from my debit card for something I have not done so I have involved fraud depo with my bank and the police I want this money refunding now please my email is Please reply ASAP thanks

This is taking advantage of the general public and scamming them from there hard earned money it's just not fair at all I really want this prob sorting out as soon as possible. Or I will kick up the biggest stink in history

I am totally sick of the bloggers taking firm the poor give me a gun iniii

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Gaiam Americas - Redi Set Go - scamming

Overland Park, Kansas 0 comments
Not resolved

This company is a scam. I got scammed also. They do a classic "bait and switch" and then they give you bogus numbers to call. They said it would be about $53.00, but charged me $130.50. Big miss-lead. Do not purchase anything from TV. It is a racket and they try to force you to take their products. Byer beware.

Your first line of deense is to call your bank and dispute the charges and see if you can get your money back. Then cancel all of the card numbers that you gave them and recheck your accounts to make sure they did not go through. Make sure your bank is on board and know that this is not acceptable.

Then reoprt them to the Fedral trade commission, Better business burea and Department of community affairs.

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Gaiam Americas - Xpress Redi Set Go cooker

Columbus, Ohio 2 comments
Not resolved

My mother-in-law ordered one (1) express cooker @ $39.90 by mail.They sent her four (4) units and charged her credit card $149.36.

I called the company to tell them she was dissatisfied with the purchase and was told to return the package for a refund. They refunded only $70.88 to her credit card. A follow up phone call gets me only as far as a recording to leave a message.

I have left a message but am not contacted back by the company.

In addition, the product is not as represented in their advertising.The product is small and cheaply made

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I have returned the Xpress Redi SetGo as it is too complicated for me to use and is not what was represented on the t.v. I kave called and requested that then send me no more products as I have returned all that I received but they keep sending me more items.

They have yet to refund my credit card for any and all items returned and it has cost over $50 in postage to sent all items back.







Gaiam Americas - This is in regards to the XPress cooking ware. Worst co to order from I ever saw.

Atlanta, Georgia 0 comments

I ordered the XPress set and this site just keeps on going and going with offers and seems until you say ok with a hope to later cancel the others, you never get finished.I am trying to cancel my orders now.I have tried to call but can't get a real person on the line and that should be an indication something is wrong.

I tried emailing and will see if this will work.

While I would like the set offered on tv and internet, I cannot deal with continued offers of other stuff and the on and on with them.They could probably sell more if they wouldn't have so many other offfers.

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Gaiam Americas - Proof is now in my possession

Poughkeepsie, New York 0 comments

(WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE WHEN WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE), (SO IF THE SHOE FITS LEARN TO WEAR IT), (and learn to practice what you preech, the correct way) goes into account as G T MEDIA , -customer service is located in manilla,phillipines , also refuses to give address WONDER WHY?when you type in www.GTXpress.comyour brought to their internet site called kathy mitchell's Xpress redi set go ,also found another site of mitchell's which is in FAIRFIELD,N.J.

you call telemarketers at 1st then, in turn they give you customer service number which is located in phillipines and also west chester, OHIO, have receipts as proof , received the extra two recipe cards finally , they wrote me two checks in amount that EXCEEDS what i actually paid , checks are made from GT DIRECT, INC.located in LOUISVILLE, COLORADO, checks distributed by a WELLS FARGO BANK they use FED-EX/federal express as delivery , was not beleived that i did not receive checks customer service did not beleive me all i can say now is i GOT THAT PROOF IN MY POSSESSION NOW,

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Gaiam Americas - Overcharged me by $18.00

Poughkeepsie, New York 0 comments
Not resolved


My name is Sharon Longo .I faced this issue recently.I ordered the product by watching the advertisemnt on TV.

redi set go purchased on july 2010 received on august2nd of 2010 was only sent the redi set go andpamphlet book/ cooking book ,didnot receive the spatulas 2 of them nor 2- minipans nor 2 divider pans nor 2 x-tra recipes booklets, received only 6 pieces upon calling customer service .

To this day as of september 9th i still have not receved the 2 x-tra receipe booklets those people want to give a full refund when i do not deserve a full refund of 75.38 my account was charged, partial yes 30.00 dollars i deserve that keep giving me different times of arrival.

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Gaiam Americas - Xpress redi set go

Orange Park, Florida 0 comments

i have tried to get replacement for this machine.first 4 times it worked very good.

theneverything sticks no matter what i do. then paint peels off outside and it smokes is this a big ripoff. something has to be done about this machine. what do i have to do to get a replacement for this machine if it is one time defect.

if this is a normal piece of garbage i want my money back. this could be a good machine if it was not made poorly.

do these machines have to be made poorly in order to sell.they could sell even more if it is a good quality machine.

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Gaiam Americas - GAIAM - unauthorized charges to credit card

New York, New York 1 comment
Not resolved

I ordered a Red-Set-Go from this company on the web.On the order form, there was a place to check off to automatic updates.

I did not check the box. One month later, I got a box with two more items and a charge to my credit card. I thought perhaps it was part of the first delivery. Then in February, I got two more items and a charge to my credit card.

I got in touch with GAIAM, who said I had to call to cancel automatic updates. Why should I have to call to stop something I never asked for in the first place!

The woman I spoke with was rude on top of it all and wouldn't take the shipments back.

I had to get in touch with my credit card company to remove unauthorized charges to my account.Buyer beware of this company!

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I want to know where the Xpress Redi Set Go is manufactured.American made?

I hope so.If not, then I am not ordering it.

Gaiam Americas - Xpress Redi Set Go by Gaiam Inc

Butler, Pennsylvania 12 comments
Not resolved


My son wanted a Redi Set Go for Christmas.

I ordered a "Redi Set go" item directly from the manufacturer (see original cost $56.85). Then they offer free items AFTER you have checked out and confirmed your order and your price, and then they add shipping and handling and fees to your order AFTER you select the free item, BOOSTING THE COST $15. Any mention of additional fees for the free items, if there is one, is way below the scroll bar, and well hidden.

I called the company at (5:13PM EST Dec 10,2009) immediately after seeing the bogus charges but was told that I had to wait 24 to 48 hours to for the item to enter their processing system before I could cancel the order, since it was not visible in their system. However, I saw the order confirmation by email with 10 minutes. I called the company at 9AM Dec 11, as soon as the lines were open to cancel the order, but was told the order was in process and could not be cancelled. I told them I would not pay for the items and had contacted my credit cards. I was told they would "try" to cancel the order but if it is shipped to refuse shipment. However, as I read what others are experiencing with this company, their practice is to deny the return or to continue to deduct the shipping charges, or worse. Apparently they continue to charge your credit card for memberships in the "free" recipe club after you have asked to be removed from their subscriptions. Apparently you have to cancel your credit card to stop being charged.

See here for many similar tales of woe:

I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH DECEPTIVE CHECK OUT PROCEDURES IN MY LIFE. "¨I work in Internet development and have worked on the web for 10 years. "¨The links above show that not only do they have deceptive practices; they continue to charge customers for products they do not want after they have gotten their credit card numbers. They operate out of the Philippines. I have filed a complaint with the FTC. But this problem needs more investigation. "¨The Company is called: Gaiam Americas, Inc. Boulder, CO


"¨"¨Xpress Redi-Set-

Go Cooker w/ 3 FREE GIFTS "¨SKU:05-53712 "¨Sub Total: $39.90"¨Estimated US S&H*: $16.95"¨Total w/ Est. S&H**: $56.85

AFTER SELECTING FREE ITEM - Automatically charged extra.

"¨Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker w/ 3 FREE GIFTS "¨SKU:05-53712 "¨1 $39.90 $39.90"¨Cathy's Easy Eatin' Recipe Club XPRESS "¨SKU:05-53866 "¨1 $9.95 $9.95"¨Sub Total: $49.85 "¨Shipping & Handling*: $21.90"¨Order Total: $71.75

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I to bought this Xpress Redi pc.of ***!

Nothing cooks in the time stated in cook book.Everyting sticks to it. My teflon peeled off also. So disappointed. When calling on the phone to order, one cannot speak to a rep nor can one just order.

The offerings go on and on. Never experienced anything like it. Want to send this *** back but do not want to be stuck with SH.

That in its self would be $30.00, price of it.Do not purchase this item!False advertisement.


Yes, I got fooled, ordered through phone, no real on the other side.

I was dumb, I thought I will try it for 19.99?

My cc, but the bill was $200.30??

Well, I am still working with cc to resolve the. Cc said they will block this company from using my card! They me another bill for a recipe booklet which I did not order. Where is the BOB from all this


I also puchased a redi, set, go back in December.The timer knob broke after only 3 uses.

Since January 7th, I have been waiting for the replacement I was promised.

Nothing yet.Talking to the customer service reps is like pulling teeth.


Hi.Can anyone tell me if I can get a replacement for the FIXED bottom surface of my redi set go.

In the uk if possible, but will order from anyware.thanks.


:( Don't buy from this company. They have charged my credit card for products I didn't order. I have notified my bank regarding this companies fraudulent charged.


I have tried to cancel the order yesterday, and it showed up on my bank card statement today. I was not given an amount or a confirmation number and twice terminated the call only to call back and the automated teller just kept going, when I tried to cancel the order the automated teller repeated each item about four or five times and then terminated the call. I have sent a copy of my "E" to the Leesburg, Fla. District Attorney and the Florida Attorney General. The practice you are using is criminal and first thing monday morning I will stop payment on this trans-action at my bank. I gave you a debit card number and if I have to I will cancel this account and create a new one.

The Name on this was Leroy Gwin, Address is 7405 Harbor View Drive, Location Leesburg, Florida 34788. I hope this is enough information for you to stop this trans-action. DO NOT DEDUCT ANY MONEY FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT.

I know that Cathy Mitchell can't be aware of the abusing your company is giving callers, I am going through the screen actors guild to try to reach her directly. :) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :? :cry :( :x :( :( :( :(


Have you people ever notice that-that red headed old bag don't wear gloves and never wash her hands ??? And that old gray headed *** takes a *** and goes um, um, um ,um, , , even before it gets to his mouth !

Cooking something in five minuts ? Well you could too if you had a crew of workers get up before daylite and wash, cut, peel, dice, shread, mix, trim, mash, , , and have all them little bowls full of *** ready ! ! !

I take a little out of this bowl, , , I take a little out of that bowl , , ,

I spread a little of this prepaired mixture on this "already made" sandwich, , ,

and cook it in just five minutes ! ! !

Now take a *** of this, you gray headed ***, after I just handled it without washing my hands just after I got done scratching my @$$ ! ! !

OH YEAH, Thats GOOD ! ! ! !


They somehow got ahold of my 94 year old fathers cc and charged it....he didn't order ANYTHING from either RediSetGo or GAIAM...are they buying stolen cc info??




My daughter bought 2 of the Express's.Gave me one and kept the other.

The one she gave me the timer quit working. She called and they sent a replacement, o.k., now the timer knob broke. Now I have two non-working Express's - As far as I know the one she kept still works???

Agreee with Dido comments above. Cannot contact thru their web site.

No contact us icon.:( :( :( :( :(


Why ?Why ?

why? why ? do you people continue to order directly from the manufacturer?

Really, it's the same thing over and over and over again?If you have to have buy it from a private seller, for one you could get it cheaper, number two you will get it faster, number 3, you won't be pressured with all the stinking sales hype and Bull these companies use to take advantage of you.....

So if you buy from them directly shame on you, ya got everything you asked for....


Same thing happened to me

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